Book Now - Corporate Advanced Driver Training

Corporate Advance Driver is an advanced one-day intensive driver training course designed and refined especially for the workplace driver.

With high instructor to participant ratio, there is a one-hour theory session followed by practical coaching sessions conducted over the subsequent 5 hour period.

Participants will learn their responsibilities whilst driving company vehicles which will be referenced to the organisations driving policy. This includes journey planning, fatigue management, vehicle safety inspection checks and if required, how to change a flat tyre.

Participants will discover and demonstrate advanced car control techniques that will help them become more competent and aware drivers on the road.

The program focuses on unexpected and emergency situations and updates knowledge of modern vehicle safety systems.

Key learning outcomes include;
- Driving policy review
- Vehicle safety check
- Driving posture – seating position
- Attitude and decision making
- Vision and scanning exercises
- Advanced cornering techniques
- Safe following distances
- ABS and vehicle safety systems
- Emergency braking exercises
- Emergency hazard identification and response
- Understeer and oversteer exercises

If you do not have a car or would prefer to use one of ours, you are welcome to hire a Volvo from our fleet to access for your course.
*Please note: Vehicles hired are not exclusive and may be shared with other participants

Participants will receive a certificate of completion when they successfully complete this course.

Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Average Duration: Full Day 8:30am - 4:00pm

About St.Ives

Formally the NSW Police Driver Training Centre, St.Ives Driver Training Centre is 30km from the Sydney CBD or airport, allow an hour.

St.Ives, Sydney 451 Mona Vale Road
St.Ives, NSW 2075

Dress Code

Dress casually according to the weather. When it’s hot it’s very hot and similarly when it’s cold, it can be extremely cold, so please come prepared. Wear flat-soled closed shoes, NO thongs, sandals or high heels.

Weather Information

The event will go ahead rain or shine.

Other Information

Vehicle: Check oil, water to ensure they are at the correct levels, ensure you fill your car up with fuel and remove any loose articles from your car.

Tyre Pressure: Ensure that your vehicle tyre pressures are set to manufacturer standards e.g. Passenger Vehicles – minimum 32 PSI (220kpa), 4WD and light commercial – require higher pressure, please consult your vehicle handbook for optimum pressures.

Food & Beverages: Tea, coffee and water are supplied. We recommend that you bring your own snacks and/or lunch if you wish. There is a cafe on-site to purchase food however; this is not open everyday of the calendar year. Please note that NO alcohol should be consumed 12 hours prior to the course.